Lethbridge Enterprise Training Services

Lethbridge Enterprise Training Services

What we do

Lethbridge Enterprise Training Services helps organizations with the design, development and implementation of effective user training. Accomplishments include the development of e-learning courses on satellite communications technology, web based traceability systems and corporate compliance programs.


Lethbridge is an initiative of Jan A. van Vledder, an experienced training manager in leading global telecommunications companies, with a proven track record of designing and implementing effective, practical and attractive training solutions in the arena ‘where technology meets people’.


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"My passion is to help people. Building upon many years of valuable experience in training functions in multinational companies, my mission is to offer an enhanced learning experience".

Jan A. van Vledder

How can I help you?

Working together with your Subject Matter Experts and always with the end-user in mind, I can help your organization with the following training activities, to provide all users with a truly enhanced learning experience.

• CONSULTING & ADVISE: Perform situation analysis and recommend the best training approach.
• INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING: Organize, facilitate and/or deliver (virtual) classroom training and/or support designated Subject Matter Experts in the training delivery.
• TRAINING MATERIALS: Develop relevant and attractive training materials and documentation, using proven instructional design principles.
• CUSTOM WIKI: Use modern knowledge networking platforms for an integrated, digital learning environment, e.g. a comprehensive Wiki and communities.
• CUSTOM E-LEARNING: Create tailor-made, engaging e-learning courses for publishing in your organization’s Learning Management System, corporate intranet or knowledge networking platform.
• COMMUNICATION: Create relevant training communications, e.g. announcements, invitations, newsletters and posters.
• EVALUATION & REPORTING: Collect and report user feedback on all training interventions.

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Phone: +31 625 061 620 / mail: info@lethbridge.nl